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Known Nutrition

Known Nutrition


Known Nutrition

wanted to have supplements that not only taste good but ones that are backed by science too.Known Nutrition quality Supplements

So they have created Known Nutrition quality supplements for adults and children.

Supplies a range of  quality supplements to help you with:



Immune boost

Daily essentials

There is also a Beauty Bundle and a Wellbeing Bundle.


Children’s supplements are also available:

Daily Essentials

Immune Boost

Big & Strong

From the website:

  • It all started from one little idea.

  • What if we could create a range of health and beauty vitamins that you actually looked forward to taking?
  • Historically vitamins have been: Known Nutrition Quality Supplements
  • Bland
  • Hard to swallow
  • Untasty
  • Basically, they’ve haven’t been fun to consume. And that’s not cool.
  • So we threw out the rule book and got to work creating the tastiest vitamin brand on the planet.

My thoughts

I have to say, I don’t disagree with that. I have often bought supplements that smell as bad as they taste.

Even childrens vitamins though fruity flavoured did not used to taste good, more like artificial flavourings.

This company, having decided to create tasty supplementts you enjoy taking, decided to ensure they were backed by the science too.

What more could you want?

All products are:

 free from preservatives, GMO, and artificial colours and flavours.

They are also vegan, gluten and dairy free wherever possible. 

Checkout the website HERE!



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