Eco Friendly Toys for children

Now it’s getting towards that gifting time of year, Christmas for those that celebrate it, it’s time to hunt out eco friendly toys for children.

It is much easier than it used to be as more and more companies are getting on board with the idea of saving our children from chemicals, as well as ourselves and the planet.

Not sure if it is entirely altruistic or if they are realising what parents want and changing because they are voting with their cash for what they prefer. Either way, it is good for all of us, our children and especially the planet too.

Often it’s becoming a parent that makes you realise how much plastic there is involved in children’s toys, not to mention the chemicals involved. Must admit though that many companies are making a real effort to clean up their act. Plus new ones have sprung up because a few years back people realised what harm so many of the everyday things we use can do to us.

Now many of us are much more savvy about our choices in all areas and put our money where it matters!


When mine were young there weren’t as many choices as far as what products were made of.  However recent years have brought a huge change with people wanting recyclable wrapping paper, ethically made products and more and more, they want products made from natural materials.

So I am going to do my best to find items that meet the needs of the growing wave of people that want their children to have a thriving planet to live on.


Jumbo Bubble Kit

First up is a jumbo bubble kit that looks great fun and produces huge bubbles.Jumbo Bubble Kit.  Eco Friendly Toys for children

Bubbles are always a favourite with children. I have known an 11 year old to enjoy them as much as a 2 and 3 year old.

I must confess I love them too and quite happily play with them, with the children. They are so beautiful with their irridescent colours and even more so in the giant bubbles.

From the website!

  • Suitable for ages 3 to adult
    Multi-looped rope for loads of bubble fun
    Wands made of sustainable wood
    Rope made from 100% natural unbleached cotton
    Bubble mix fully biodegradable
    Free from palm oil and phosphate
    Made in the UK



giant bubblesGiant bubbles fun.



Space Station Build and Play Set 

This will provide hours of endless fun for your child with this Space Station Build and Play Set.Space Station Build and Play Set 

Assemble the space station with detachable capsule and two astronauts by popping the pieces

out of the backing and slotting together – no glue required!

With a fully opening hatch, moveable solar panels and opposable arm for the astronaut to work in space

and accessory elements including repair tools, repair logs, helmets and backpacks your child will have all they

need to fix the Space Station.

A toy that will let their imagination soar as they play and when they ask questions,  to learn more about the actual

space station online, to fire their imagination even more.

Sustainably sourced PEFC paper and paperboard, packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box.

Made in the UK.

Free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, triclosan and AZO dyes. CE Mark visible and BS EN71 tested.

Pack size: 23.3cm x 23.3cm x 1.4cm 395g

102 pieces



Eco House Playset  Eco House Playset 

Go green with this fun Eco House Playset from Play Press Toys, guaranteed to provide hours of endless fun to your little ones.

With no glue required, they can play on their own putting it together, then taking it apart to put together in

a different configuration.

inside this low energy Eco House you’ll find a kitchen, bedroom, shower, garage, fireplace, bike, a person and a cat all

made from plastic-free, sturdy sustainable materials that is good for the planet and your conscience.

Perfect to develop children’s creativity, this playset helps with construction, problem solving and motor skills.

They learn as they play using their imaginations to create new designs.

A wonderful gift to give any child.

Free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, triclosan and AZO dyes. CE mark visible and BS EN71 tested.

Made in the UK.

Fully recyclable and 100% biodegradable playset and outer packaging.

Pack size: 22.6cm x 22.6cm x 1.4cm

91 pieces

Recommended for 4+ years.


Animal Magic 100% Organic Cotton T Shirts       

Whatever You Do Don’t Run100% organic cotton T shirt

Gorgeous 100% Organic T shirts for children. Lots of great designs and colours to choose from.

Children love bright colours and animals and the organic cotton will be soft on their delicate skin.

  • 100% organic ringspun combed cotton.
  • Single jersey.
  • Set-in sleeve.
  • 1×1 rib at neck collar.
  • Inside back neck tape in self-fabric.
  • Sleeve hem and bottom hem with wide double-needle topstitch.
  • Weight 155 gsm.


          Moby Dick                                                                                                 Polar Explorer 

Polar Explorer T shirt

       Moby Dick Cotton T Short              Out Of Africa 

Out of Africa T Shirt

14 in 1 Solar Transforming Robot 

solar powered robot

Loved this the minute I set eyes on it. I reminded me of the children’s film WALL-E which

was trying to educate people about reducing their waste through a lovely story.

This robot can give hours of fun, teaching important skills as well as about renewable energy. Such a fun

way to learn.

Age states for 10+ years

It can make 14 different model robots producing hours of fun.
solar powered robot

Dimensions: 31.6 x 18.8 x 8 cm


solar powered robot

solar powered robot


Salt Water Powered 4×4 Monster Car  Salt water powered car

Now what child wouldn’t love this? No batteries to constantly run out, which has to be a plus.

It comes as a kit, so its fun to put together and learn practical skills.

Suggested age is 8 upwards for this one.

Great idea as a Christmas gift.

Dimensions:  Length 21.6cm Width 18.4cm Height 74cm.


salt water powered car

salt water powered car



Rounding Up

What do you think of the selection of eco friendly toys for children I have brought for you? I will be doing more ethical and eco-friendly gift ideas, for adults and children. If you have any suggestions or ideas for particular gifts you would like to see that are green and ecofriendly.

If you want to know more about going Green, READ HERE! 

There are also easy swaps you can make to reduce waste READ HERE!

Many more people are conscious now of the need to reduce waste and use products that help ourselves and the planet.

Parents want their children to learn, enjoy life but also care for their environment. Toys that make learning fun and enjoyable are always a firm favourite with many parents.

If you enjoyed this post and found it useful, please share.

Comment sand questions are welcome. Please let me know what you think of my choices and if you have preferences for future posts..

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