Eco Friendly Toys for children

Eco Friendly Toys for children

Now it’s getting towards that gifting time of year, Christmas for those that celebrate it, it’s time to hunt out eco friendly toys for children. It is much easier than it used to be as more and more companies are getting on board with the idea of saving our children from chemicals, as well as … Read more

Swaps to reduce waste

Time for change Swaps to reduce waste

We can all help in the fight against waste, all it takes is a few swaps here and there to start making a difference. It can also save you money too. Some might need an original outlay for re-usable products but once bought, they just keep on giving. That alone is a good incentive to … Read more

What are the answers to Climate Change

save our planet

We keep hearing that we have a big problem, that we are killing off the planet, that we must do more. So what are the answers to climate change? Do we have any answers or just more questions. When did it start? These are the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere over the last … Read more

Why use eco friendly products

No nature no future

Better for you and better for the planet. Be eco friendly. What does that mean? Wikipedia says: Environmentally friendly or environment-friendly, (also referred to as eco-friendly, nature-friendly, and green) are sustainability and marketing terms referring to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies that claim reduced, minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment.   Merriam-Webster Dictionary says: * Definition of eco-friendly: not environmentally harmful.  Being eco–friendly or environmentally friendly is becoming … Read more

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